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Janitorial Services for Office Space

Three Decades of Quality Service

Since 1986, Janitorial Inc. has been providing a wide variety of quality janitorial services to a long and diverse client list in Central California. We have specially designed and implemented a variety of unique cleaning programs that successfully meet the needs of leading companies in the Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Educational, Financial and Distribution Industries.

Our basic services include general cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, trash removal, recycling and restroom sanitation. We are also experienced in other specialty services, including carpet cleaning, ceramic and vinyl tile cleaning, floor stripping and refinishing, pressure washing and window cleaning, just to name a few. As an added precaution, all of Janitorial Inc.’s programs are designed with built-in cross contamination mitigation processes to ensure proper cleaning and reduce any possibility of illness.

No matter the service, you can trust Janitorial Inc. to not just do the job, but to do the job right the first time. With a company philosophy built on reliability, dependability and honesty, you know the services we perform are done to the very highest standard possible, and delivered to you in the most economic fashion each and every time.

Janitorial Inc. Is Getting Greener Every Day!

Green Cleaning Services

Janitorial Inc.

Janitorial Inc. has long believed that being green is not only good for the environment, but also good for business. Our Green Cleaning Services provide our clients with cleaning products and equipment that are better for the environment, healthier for their staff, and safer for our employees. In addition to a healthier work environment, our Green Cleaning Initiatives provide companies with assistance in implementing a recycling program, in an effort to protect the environment in which we live and work. In addition, with many companies developing green or sustainability programs, we are able to help obtain LEED Certifications (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), as well as perform green audits for our customers.

How Green is Your Business?
Kyle Chaney, General Manager of Janitorial Inc., is available for a FREE Green Audit of your company or facility. The audit will cover items such as proper recycling methods, chemical disposal, walk-off matting, restroom and kitchen supplies, and much, much more. Contact us at 559.495.3000 to set up your appointment today!

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